Passive Buildings Canada – Boots on the Ground

ph43 gave a talk at Passive Buildings Canada’s “Boots on the Ground” event in Kitchener, ON. “Boots on the Ground” is a wonderful informal gathering of Passive House builders, designers, engineers, architects and enthusiasts where 20 minute talks are given regarding real world experience and scenarios. I’ve always found it […]

BALLYRONAN PH: Trees, Trees, Trees!

Here at ph43, we love trees and all they do for us! This project has the fortune of being within the City, yet surrounded by a number of mature trees. Incorporating sight-lines to the trees as much as possible during design has created some beautiful views and passive benefits. Being […]

BALLYRONAN PH: Shell nearing completion!

The prefabricated shell by Pinwheel Structures is almost complete! Hans and his crew over at Pinwheel have been working steadily to erect the building shell on top of the foundation. It’s been 4 days since they started!!! An amazing accomplishment!