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Bay Beach

BAY BEACH FORT ERIE. ON This summer home on the shore of Lake Erie is designed to embrace a durable, low-maintenance shell and a clean interior finish in order to create a welcoming retreat for generations to come. The design uses expansive south-facing windows and clear-story spaces to create a […]


Passive House 43 Architecture is a practice focused on delivering energy-efficient, comfortable, sustainable buildings in a collaborative atmosphere. ph43 specializes in the Passive House methodology to optimize building envelopes and equipment for performance and economy. Here at ph43 I use the PHPP (Passive House Planning Package), as well as other […]

Passive House

Passive House or passivhaus, is a building methodology to optimize occupant comfort and deliver substantial energy savings. It utilizes high levels of insulation, an air-tight building envelope and rigorous energy analysis to design and develop extremely low-energy buildings. Below is an excerpt from the International Passive House Association: Why Certified Passive […]


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